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New Payment Options available!

Posted by Admin - 12/10/2023

We are happy to happy to announce Moonpay is now integrated with CamTrove, meaning you can now use a debit or credit card to upgrade your account (thus getting premium for CaptureGem) leveraging the Algorand blockchain network. For any more advanced users, if you directly buy Algorand on a regular crypto exchange, you can also bypass the Moonpay fees.

Either of these options will let you upgrade your account automatically within seconds or minutes via these new payment methods (in addition to the Bitcoin one). Note these options are only available for the 90 or 365 day plans. Bitcoin is still available for 30 day plans.

Algorand is one of the fastest crypto networks also with some of the lowest fees, costing only $0.001 to make a transaction.

See more here

In addition, we are also accepting payments now on Cash App!$capturegem. This is a finally a mainstream way to accept payments.

Please visit our Discord for more instructions on Cash App. Note we currently only accept payments for 365 day plans for Cash App - if you want a 30 or 90 day plan, use one of the automatic options.

New Rating System For Videos!

Posted by Admin - 8/14/2023

We are happy to share that videos now have a rating system, and you can vote videos from 1 to 5 stars.

Hope you all enjoy!

New Review of CamTrove By FindVRPorn!

Posted by Admin - 8/8/2023

We are delighted to see that has reviewed our website! You can read the full review here.

“I recently found an interesting VR Cams project called Cam Trove.

Maybe you’ve tried a more conventional cam site before like Stripchat. Typically, you put on your headset, go to the site in your headset’s browser, enter VR, and watch/interact with a live model performing in 3D.”

Review Screenshot
Friends System is now released!

Posted by Admin - 7/22/2023

I am happy to announce the friends system for CamTrove is now released! You can visit the profile of any user (linked to from each video they post) and request to add them as a friend, and if they agree, you can download any videos that they set as "friends only". There is also a new alerts button (looks like a bell icon) in the top-right that shows any friend requests you have.

This is a brand new feature and I haven't fully tested it yet, so let me know if you run into any issues! I'll be testing it some more soon and adding some more improvements.

Video Profiles Are Now Live

Posted by Admin - 6/26/2023

Just letting everyone know that video profiles are now live. It isn't much yet but you can see your submitted videos in one place. For example:

In the future you'll be able to friend others, view stats, configure videos, etc.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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